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UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey Gives New Meaning to the Term `Knockout

Olympic medalist defends fighting championship as her popularity lands her Hollywood acting gigs.

2014-11-21 02:33 11,117 YouTube

Women Lose Weight Like UFC Fighters

We lost 5 pounds total in an hour doing a UFC Fighter's weight cut! Watch Women Train Like UFC Fighters For 60 Days: ...

2016-09-08 04:27 1,149,713 YouTube

Piper Rose picks her nickname

The Portland nurse turned LFC fighter announces the winner of the nickname contest (and gives a shout out to a few interesting runner-ups!) We're pleased to ...

2016-09-15 00:59 997 YouTube

Black Belt Kid Vs. White Belt Adults

We competed against kids to prepare us for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Watch the women's gymnastics individual all-around final featuring Simone Biles tonight in ...

2016-08-11 04:47 17,682,486 YouTube

Ronda Rousey Flips Michael

UFC Champion Ronda Rousey teaches Kelly and Michael a few moves.

2015-10-12 05:42 7,742,244 YouTube

Lingerie Fighting Championships MMA fighting with girl in panties

Please do not forget to Follow UsShare Like and Have fun...

2015-08-28 03:54 2,303 Dailymotion

MMA Lingerie Fighting Championships

Le Lingerie Fighting Championships est un championnat un peu particulier où les filles se battent en étant en lingerie. Elles se battent dans une cage avec le...

2015-08-24 03:54 1,906 Dailymotion

Lingerie Fighting Championships


2017-07-13 03:53 16,724 Dailymotion

lingerie fighting championships


2015-08-28 03:54 70,080 Dailymotion

It’s Time For The Lingerie Fighting Championships

It’s Time For The Lingerie Fighting Championships...

2015-12-28 03:22 7,997 Dailymotion